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Efficiency has been a keyword in businesses for the past few years. Improving internal processes to establish more effective ways to communicate with customers means better efficiency, which in turn means better business practices. Automation is the way to go if you’re looking to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and improve your current processes. Want to know how automation helps business like yours? Read on to find out more.

What is automation?

Automation refers to any process or function that’s made automatic through the use of smart technology or clever design. You may already be familiar with tools like Credit Hound, which provide an excellent degree of automation for a wide range of business processes. In essence, automation takes a manual job and puts it on a virtual conveyer belt, allowing technology to fill in the gaps and create a seamless workflow that would otherwise require a lot more hands-on work.

Automation is a powerful and effective tool when used correctly and can significantly enhance the efficiency of internal and external business workflows. By utilising the best options for technology and software, what was once a multi-hour job can be streamlined and reduced to a simple, fast, and easy process with no additional input required. From accounting to marketing, automation is a strong tool for every area of your business.

How does automation help my business?

If you’re wondering exactly how automation helps business processes and workflows, we’ve covered some of the major ways that high-quality automation tools can make a real difference:

Free up time for other important tasks and responsibilities

One of the most significant benefits that any automation provides is free time. A task that once took five to ten hours a week can easily be condensed into one that needs only minor input, leaving staff free to take on new jobs, responsibilities, and workplace requirements. In addition, automation does the job for you on select processes, leaving your team with the extra space and time needed to focus on jobs only personal attention can accomplish.

Remove the potential for human error or need for additional training

Another significant bonus to automation is removing the potential for human error from essential processes. From finances to ordering stock, it’s easy for even the most highly trained team member to mess up now and then accidentally. Automated processes are essentially run through code, meaning no deviations, accidents, or loss of focus that leads to errors. This also means far less training required for high-end or vital processes, making the onboarding process for new staff a far easier task.

Streamline time-sensitive processes and requirements

If there’s too much work to get done in one day, important and time-sensitive processes can quickly fall behind schedule. Once you’re behind, it’s far harder to get yourself back up to date – especially if there are plenty of other things to take your staff’s attention away from those tasks. Automated processes help to streamline tasks, making them quicker to execute and faster to complete. So whether you need a complete reset to get those time-sensitive tasks back on track or you’re looking for a tool to maintain that schedule, automation can provide the streamlined approach needed.

Grow easily with increased demand

As your business grows, the demand for your staff and your internal processes will also increase. Automation provides the ideal way to scale up your business without the fear of workflows getting out of control. As part of a growth plan, automation can support your existing staff in carrying out the most critical aspects of their job while taking over the excess that occurs as your business changes and develops. Many automation systems can be tailored for your individual business needs, which means they can grow as you do.

Access immediate, high-quality reporting with no delays

Reporting is another part of many processes that can quickly fall out of the loop and be forgotten. Whether you currently aren’t receiving reporting promptly or reports aren’t as thorough as you would like, automation can be the ideal solution for fast, convenient, and regular reporting. With many automation tools having functionality to create instant or near-instant reporting, you can have a clear view of your business processes and development over time in an easily digestible format.

Save money on staffing

One other benefit of automation worth mentioning is that, with the right technology, you can eliminate the need for specific, admin-focused jobs altogether. If you’re bringing in temps to handle a fluctuating workload or find that you need to hire additional admins to meet demand, automation can be a tool used to save these costs. With time-consuming, hands-on jobs carried out automatically, there’s far less need to increase staffing to maintain your business’s growth and ongoing needs.

What automation options are available?

If automation sounds like the ideal fit for your business, the next step is deciding what processes you’d like to automate first. If credit control is something that needs better, streamlined management for your business, Credit Hound provides the ideal automation system. Complete with reporting, task management and pro-active control, it can reduce the active admin required by up to 60% for your business. With integration into systems like Sage and Microsoft Dynamics, Credit Hound is the ideal addition to any business struggling to handle the day-to-day necessities of credit control.

If you’re looking for an overall framework for business automation, with plans to add on additional features in the future, Credit Hound and Spindle Document Management are ideal solutions. With innovative tools like Spindle Document Management, streamlining incoming and outgoing documents and adding additional functionalities to invoicing, it’s possible to significantly reduce the time your business spends on repetitive admin tasks.

Are you interested in branching out into automation? Then, Draycir is the team to talk to. With a dual focus on efficiency and versatility, all of our automation products are designed to make your job easier. Contact our team today to find out more about the solutions that might suit your business needs and goals.


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