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Access your documents instantly

Being able to access your documents anywhere, at any time has become a priority to businesses, no matter their size. It enables you to improve your efficiency, increase staff productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Access business information quickly

Many teams are now mobile and remote based, you need to ensure they can access the information they need quickly and securely. Being able to access your documents instantly changes the way you manage your processes and productivity and transforms the way your business operates.

Improve processes

Does it take time to find the documents you need? Searching for and finding the correct documents can be painful. You may be able to find a version of the document quickly, but is it the most up to date one? If documents are created across departments it can be difficult to keep track of the correct and most recent version. We can help you improve your processes with:

  • Document storage – Quicker file retrieval and automated archiving
  • Batch documents – Provide batch documents in any format
  • Get paid faster – Automatically add pay now button to all of your invoices
  • Integration – Streamline product integrations
  • Duplication – Remove duplicated documents across different departments.

Boost security

Are any of your staff based remotely? With many more businesses moving to hybrid and flexible working, you need to ensure everyone can access the documents and tools they need in order to be able to do their jobs. If they are unable to do this quickly and securely, they waste time trying to establish how they can find the information they need, impacting the productivity of their role. Accessing documents instantly enables you to avoid:

  • Lost documents – Remove the risk of missing or lost documents
  • Concerns with sensitive documents – Password protect important information
  • Compliance problems – Ensure HMRC compliance with delivery and storage
  • Force majeure – Access documents even in the event of a fire or flood
  • Secure by design – Security is built into Draycir’s Software Development Lifecycle. Draycir utilise DevSecOps practices, so security is not an afterthought
  • Data security – Draycir’s SaaS applications and services are stored in Microsoft Azure data centres
  • Data transfer – All data is securely transferred using Transport Layer Security so the content cannot be understood if intercepted.

Our best products to achieve your goal

At Draycir we have a large breadth of solutions built to support your business needs, but which ones will help you access your documents instantly? Spindle Document Distribution, Spindle Document Management, Spindle Electronic Document Capture and Spindle Self Serve were created to help you achieve this.

Reduce your workload

We understand that to keep businesses running smoothly is a challenge and being unable to find and access the documents you need can waste time you don’t have. Spindle Document Management frees up your time by enabling you to access your documents instantly through advanced search functionality, as well as distributing your outbound documents, automating many of your workflow processes. Capture any document type, batch scan documents and capture documents on the go with mobile capture, all whilst providing secure access to approved users. This all enables you to access the documents you need quickly and easily.

Connect your document workflow processes

Do you have problems collating, distributing and filing documents? Spindle Document Distribution can help you improve your process efficiencies by connecting your document workflow processes to create consistent, professional, branded documents, which are accessible instantly, all whilst adhering to legal compliance relating to electronic document requirements.

Financial information at your fingertips

Is your team spending large amounts of time answering queries from customers regarding their accounts? Spindle Self Serve will enable you to reduce the number of enquiries you receive, by providing your customers with 24/7 secure access to an online portal with all of their account details and documents. Your team can also view customer accounts and documents directly, without needing to access Sage 200 Professional.

Integrate with your most used ERP and accounting systems

What our clients say

Spindle Self Serve has reduced the time spent on the telephone by our customer services team.

Adam Hemmings, Dynamic Office Solutions

Spindle Electronic Document Capture means our documents have become far easier for all members of staff to find. We can also capture additional documents that we previously haven’t had a method of storing.

Tom Rawlinson, Sales & Operations Support Manager, Greentree Engineered Solutions

Our users don’t have to file and then trawl through filing cabinets to find the documents they need. All relevant business documentation is held electronically and can be viewed whenever it is required.

Martyn Smith, IT Manager, Platinum Stairlifts

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