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Inflight Sales Group (ISG) is a world-leading airline duty-free concession company and was the first in the world to offer this service. They currently manage duty-free programs for 27 airlines, offering a range of products from skincare, cosmetics and perfumes to watches, jewellery, confectionery and liquor. Based primarily in Asia and Europe, ISG have offices on 4 continents servicing 17 countries. On average, their airline programs sell 10 products in the air per minute.

The challenge

With over 350 products managed for their key airline customers in a quarterly period, Inflight Sales Group had to manually calculate the sales figure for each brand or vendor in order to send out monthly sales reports to their vendors. On top of this, they needed to rank the sales of each product, both at the category level and within the duty-free programme as a whole. With this entire process being completed manually, they were keen to find an alternative solution which would help them reduce the number of man-hours taken and minimise the risk of human error.

The solution

With the implementation of automated document distribution software, Spindle Document Distribution, the process of sending sales reports to ISG’s vendors now only involves a few quick steps to complete the process. The monthly sales figures are now directly extracted from Sage 300 ERP by Spindle Document Distribution and the products are ranked automatically. When the sales reports are due to be sent out, they only need to indicate the period of the report and the recipient vendor. Spindle Document Distribution links with their email system, using the correct recipient’s email address in Sage 300 ERP, to instantly deliver all the sales reports together in one batch. Spindle Document Distribution has helped Inflight Sales Group achieve their aim of reducing the amount of time spent compiling sales reports and the costs that this involved. In addition, they can now deliver the sales reports to the relevant people in different teams at the same time. It has also improved the accuracy of the sales data, as it is directly extracted from Sage 300 ERP.


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What our clients say

Spindle Document Distribution has not only helped us save man-hours and costs, but also enabled us to deliver the same set of sales reports to different teams hassle free.

Bianca Ko, Inflight Sales Group