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Proof of Delivery

Move away from paper based delivery records, automate your delivery process with Spindle Proof of Delivery

Keeping track of your deliveries, and ensuring your customers know where their orders are, and when they will be delivered is information which is essential to any delivery company. If you are using paper to record your deliveries and have your own fleet of vehicles, Spindle Proof of Delivery can help you make everything a bit easier.

All information at a glance

Proof of Delivery was designed for businesses who own and operate their own fleet deliveries, or for service staff who need signatures, enabling you to streamline your delivery service.

Live tracking of scheduled deliveries and notification of failed deliveries to manage customer expectations.

Reduce the risk of lost or misplaced documents, everything is stored digitally, enabling you to search all related documentation quickly and easily.

Record any issues and inform staff immediately, improving your overall job management processes.

Flexibility for every department

Technology has revolutionised how all departments operate, no matter which industry you are in. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, enabling collaboration or securing your information, there are a wide range of benefits for many businesses. Proof of Delivery enables you to provide this flexibility for any company who operate their own-fleet deliveries, helping you to improve your efficiencies, productivity, and business profitability.

Enable your back office team to monitor the delivery drivers in real-time, improving control of your delivery fleet and enabling you to respond to customer queries and requests quickly and accurately. Your team can also manage delivery schedules and optimise the delivery fleets routes, cutting transport overheads and improving the efficiency of the fleet.

Reduce your drivers paperwork, enable them to capture recipients signatures with ‘sign-on glass’, as well as record their evidence of delivery by recording and uploading images. Drivers can also read notes from within Sage 200, including special delivery instructions and all customer information.

Customer service

Tracking your live deliveries and being able to provide updates to your team and customers when required enables your business to provide a higher level of customer service.

Quickly respond to customer requests with live control of your delivery fleet.

Maximise your efficiencies and customer service by planning routes quickly and effectively.

Receive notifications of failed deliveries and line by line views of the delivery acceptance process.

Key features

Accessible anywhere, any time

Android app available for drivers, enabling them to access their delivery information anywhere at any time.

Live control of delivery fleet

Quickly respond to customer requests and improve customer service with live control of the delivery fleet.

Customer signature

Remove delivery notes and other paperwork, quickly capture customers’ signatures digitally.

Delivery updates

Monitor delivery details and receive notifications of failed deliveries.

Job management

Record any issues and inform staff immediately to improve overall job management.

Route guidance

Maximise efficiencies by planning routes quickly and effectively to reach delivery expectations.

Search documents

Reduce the risk of lost or misplaced paper documents, store files digitally and search all related documentation.



  • Sage 200 Professional 2024 R1
  • Sage 200 Professional 2023 R2
  • Sage 200 Partner Cloud
  • Sage 200 Professional 2022 R1
  • Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1
  • Sage 200cloud 2020 R2
  • Sage 200cloud 2020 R1
  • Sage 200cloud Summer 2019
  • Sage 200cloud Spring 2019
  • Sage 200cloud Winter 2018
  • Sage 200cloud Summer 2018
  • Sage 200cloud Spring 2018
  • Sage 200cloud Winter 2017
  • Sage 200 2016 Extra On-premise
  • Sage 200 2015 Extra On-premise
  • Sage 200 2013 R2 Extra On-premise
  • Sage 200 2011


  • SMTP server details
  • SSL Certificate when publishing Spindle Self Serve as an external website


  • Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Chrome; Internet Explorer 11 or above; Safari 11 or above (HTML 5 compatible browser)


  • Minimum 200 MB free disk space
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) v7 or above
  • Windows Server 2016 or above
  • Net 4.6.2 or above

Proof of Delivery Module

  • Compatible with Spindle Self Serve v1.4 and above
  • Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above supported

Proof of Delivery is a module of Spindle Self-Serve and requires Self-Serve to be installed.

What our clients say

After some difficult experiences implementing previous systems, Draycir was a breath of fresh air. Spindle Self-Serve with Proof of Delivery is clean and intuitive, which makes the training very simple to follow.

Ryan Banks, Head of Supply Chain, Fenton Packaging Solutions

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