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Make your business paperless

Many businesses are looking to understand how to reduce their impact on the environment. Whilst the net-zero carbon lense is focusing more on Fortune 500 companies, there are still a number of ways smaller businesses can work to reduce their carbon footprint. Making the move to a paperless business is a quick and simple way to start.

Paper storage costs, lost contracts and unable to find or access documents are common issues people face when they are still a paper-based business.

Moving to paperless systems enables you to improve your customer satisfaction levels, reduce the time your team spends looking for documents, reduce costs associated with printing and storing files and also reduces the risk of lost documents.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sustainability has become part of our everyday lives and many organisations are looking to understand how to apply this to their business. Companies who fail to adapt and reduce their carbon footprint will face challenges in the future. Reducing carbon emissions is a priority for everyone, whether you are a small, medium or enterprise sized business. We can help you:

  • Save money – Reduce printing and paper storage costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint – Save and store documents digitally
  • Go paperless – Scan, barcode and import documents to store them electronically

Improve efficiencies

Have you previously lost important documents? Or do you spend a lot of time printing and sending invoices in the post? You need to improve your productivity and automate your processes. We can help you:

  • Save time – Eliminate the need for manual data entry and admin
  • Improve processes – Manage approvers and reassign, reducing admin backlog
  • Business continuity – Receive automatic software updates
  • Accessibility – Quick, easy access to documents anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce errors – Collate, distribute and file documents automatically
  • Improved cash flow – Faster payments from your customers

Maximise security

Manual systems can be quickly exposed to security problems, including theft or loss of data or documents. If your data or documents are stored locally, they are more easily accessible and susceptible to attack. You need to ensure your data is stored securely and it is accessible anytime, anywhere by your team. We can provide you with:

  • Securely hosted – Cloud-based service hosted in trusted European Data Centre.
  • Compliance – Regarding storage of electronic documents.
  • Archiving – Secure electronic document archiving.
  • Payments – Flexible and secure payments via all major debit, credit cards and PayPal.
  • Secure by design – Security is built into Draycir’s Software Development Lifecycle. Draycir utilise DevSecOps practices, so security is not an afterthought.
  • Data transfer – All data is securely transferred using Transport Layer Security so the content cannot be understood if intercepted.

Our best products to achieve your goal

At Draycir we have a large breadth of solutions built to support your business needs, but which ones will help you move to a paperless business? Spindle Document Management, Spindle Document Distribution, Spindle Document Capture, Spindle Requisitions and Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition were created to help you achieve this.

Go paperless and remove the risk of lost documents

Are you looking to remove the risk of lost documents and reduce paper storage and printing costs?

Spindle Document Management enables you to move to a paperless business by scanning, barcoding, importing and adding all incoming documents. They are then stored electronically, removing the need to print and store all the documents.

Deliver your communications automatically and accurately

Are you looking to remove the risk when collating, distributing and filing documents? Spindle Document Distribution can improve your process efficiency, ensure faster document delivery and remove the time and cost needed to print documents.

Improve your purchasing process

Are you struggling to control your business expenditure? Or are you still printing your requisition documents? Spindle Requisitions reduces the time and effort it typically takes for the requisition process. Helping you to control expenditure more effectively, reducing administration time and the need for paper, as well as reducing untracked purchases.

Capture invoice data automatically

Is your team still manually entering data into Sage 200? Are you still printing invoices and storing physical copies? Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition can automatically capture invoice data into Sage 200, saving you both time and money.

Integrate with your most used ERP and accounting systems

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