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Process your payments faster and chase payments effectively with our Codeless Platforms integration

Credit Hound alert pack

Credit Hound and Codeless Platforms have joined forces to enhance your Credit Hound experience with an alert pack. This has been produced to allow additional alerts and reminders which ultimately further increase Credit Hound’s capabilities

Key Benefits for Codeless users

New customer has been synchronised into Credit Hound

Get notified as soon as new customers have been synchronised to Credit Hound, making the users aware in case they need adding to a group or category

A customer has been put On Stop

Get alerted if a customer has been put On Stop in the accounting solution or in Credit Hound

Customers over Credit Limits

Receive a new notification if a customer has exceeded their Credit Limit therefore allowing users to take necessary action quickly if required

Payments have been made for outstanding transactions that completed To-Do items

Become aware when payments for a transaction is made, that a Credit Hound user had a diary reminder for

A new task has been assigned to me

Get notified of all the To-Do items that have been assigned to a specified user

Transactions over x days old have not been chased in the last x days

Get alerted if any outstanding transactions have not been chased for a number of days, for example if transactions over 30 days old haven’t been chased in the last 7 days

A transaction has been in dispute for over x days old

Get notified if outstanding transactions have been in dispute for a number of days

A new category has been created

Specified users (e.g., a manager) will be notified if a new Category has been created in Credit Hound

Summary of when rules were run

Become informed when the Rules and Actions configured in Credit Hound were last run

Account notes added

Get a new notification of account notes added to a Credit Hound account by a user

Change default contact for a customer

Be alerted if a default contact of a customer has been changed

Credit Hound Notes: New transaction

Get notified if another Credit Hound user creates a new transaction note. For example, if a BI User or Limited user has added a note to a transaction, this alert will make Credit Hound users aware

Credit Hound Notes: New dispute

Get notified if another Credit Hound user creates a new dispute

Credit Hound Notes: New call back

Receive a new alert when another Credit Hound user creates a new call back note

Credit Hound Notes: New automated chasing

Get a new notification if new automated notes generated Credit Hound’s Rules and Actions, or manual chasing if they been created by another Credit Hound user

View the full list of alerts here.

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