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Get paid faster

Efficient credit control is vital to every business. We know life is busy, time is precious, and you do not have time to keep on chasing late payments. You need to automate your processes to avoid inconsistent cash flow.

Crippling cash flow, increased stress, the cost of chasing invoices and interest costs. Sound familiar?

Not only are late payments detrimental to a businesses’ income, leading to cash flow instability. They can also prevent investment back into the business and reduce growth opportunities.

Maximise efficiency

How much time do you spend on your finance admin? An hour a day? Three hours a week? More? Most finance professionals spend almost one day a week on general admin tasks. Now, more than ever, there are more strategic business requirements landing on the finance professionals desk. Your time needs to be spent on the areas which help influence and inform decisions across the business. We can help you:

  • Reduce admin – Automate many of your daily repetitive tasks
  • Save time – See how much you are owed and who you need to chase
  • Streamline processes – Get complete control of your documents
  • Integrate quickly – Seamlessly link to your accounting system
  • Improve payments – Make it easy for your customers to pay.

Read more about how automated task management software can help reduce late payments to your business

Reduce your carbon footprint

With increased focus on companies reducing their carbon emissions, many businesses are looking to understand quick, efficient, real-world solutions to this problem. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Go paperless – Scan, barcode and import documents to store them electronically
  • Save money – Eliminate printing and paper storage costs

Boost security

Security is at the top of any organisations’ list. Software security, manual processes and compliance are all key when reviewing potential implications on the business. Around 39% of UK businesses have experienced a cyber attack, compromising both their data and company information. You need to assess the risk to your business and automate your security. But you also need to ensure any new processes adhere to your relevant compliance legislation. We can support you:

  • Reduce risk – No missing or lost documents
  • Automate – Remove time consuming and the potential for human error with automated processes
  • Permissions – Add security permissions to limit access to sensitive documents
  • Access anytime, anywhere – Secure access to every document when and where you need it
  • Customers first – Become more efficient and provide a better service to your customers
  • Secure by design – Security is built into Draycir’s Software Development Lifecycle. Draycir utilise DevSecOps practices, so security is not an afterthought
  • Data security – Draycir’s SaaS applications and services are stored in Microsoft Azure data centres
  • Data transfer – All data is securely transferred using Transport Layer Security so the content cannot be understood if intercepted.

Our best products to achieve your goal

At Draycir we have a large breadth of solutions built to support your business needs, but which ones will help your business get paid faster? Spindle Document Management, Spindle Document Distribution, Credit Hound and PayThem were created to help you achieve this.

Make payments easier and gain total control of your documents

Are you struggling with invoice payments, processing, sending, and receiving documents? Do you have multi-currency payments or are you manually entering your invoice documents? Spindle Document Management enables you to get paid faster with ‘pay now’ buttons added to invoices, pro-forma invoices, statements and chasing letters. You can also automate your invoice process at line-item level, removing the need for manual input.

Get paid faster and improve your cash flow

Constantly chasing payments, experiencing unpredictable cash flow and repeating mundane daily tasks? Credit Hound can automate your processes, showing you how much you are owed and who to chase. Quick and easy to set up, it links seamlessly to your accounting system.

Automate Delivery Key Reports

Deliver communications accurately

Looking to improve your business efficiency and reduce the time you spend processing paperwork? Spindle Document Distribution enables you to deliver your communications accurately, to the right people at the right time. It improves your processes, creates consistent professional documents, delivers documents quickly and complies with legal electronic document requirements.

Receive payments quickly with a simple click of a button

PayThem allows invoices and statements to be paid with just one click.  By adding instant payment links to invoices, statements and chasing letters, you have the option to pay using a credit or debit card, or by open banking, making the payment process quick and hassle-free.

Integrate with your most used ERP and accounting systems

What our clients say

Draycir enabled us to reduce our overdue balances by £100,000 in just a few weeks


Anon automatically performs 4 of our normal tasks in 1 simple step. By making our business more efficient Anon has saved 20 hours per week preventing the need for an extra head.


We have been using Credit Hound for three months and already started seeing the benefits, each of our credit controllers save over 5 hours every week in prioritising tasks and scheduling chase reminders.

David Adams, Managing Director, 707 Resource Management

I was instantly impressed by Spindle Document Distribution’s efficiency and effectiveness at being able to deliver on what it promised. This is where many software packages let themselves down, but Spindle Document Distribution scores time and time again. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Seb Bishop, Director, Bishop Group of Companies

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