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Save time entering data

Time spent on manually entering data takes you away from time you could be spending on more important strategic business decisions and reduces productivity.

Reduce the time you waste on repetitive manual tasks

Using manual processes significantly reduces your productivity levels. By automating your tasks you can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your team, by reducing errors, lowering costs and preventing delays.

Free up your time

Mundane, repetitive manual tasks can take up to a quarter of your working week. Time which adds up quickly across the course of a month, quarter or year! Your team’s time needs to be spent supporting the business on more strategic activities, rather than re-entering data into Sage. We can help you:

  • Remove repetition – Enter into a spreadsheet without the need to enter the data separately in Sage
  • Prioritise – Enable your teams to focus on other more strategic tasks by freeing up their time
  • Build confidence – Create validation feedback to see if data is entered correctly
  • Validate data – Browse data from Sage within Excel and set rules to ensure consistency.

Boost security

Manually keying data into Sage impacts your productivity but it can also expose you to security problems, including theft or loss of documents and data. You need to ensure your data and documents are stored securely, and accessible anytime, anywhere, by your team. We can provide you with:

  • Security – Secure cloud-based service hosted in a trusted European Data Centre
  • Approvals – Manage approvers and reassign as required
  • Business continuity – Receive automatic software updates
  • Secure by design – Security is built into Draycir’s Software Development Lifecycle. Draycir utilise DevSecOps practices, so security is not an afterthought
  • Data transfer – All data is securely transferred using Transport Layer Security so the content cannot be understood if intercepted.

Our best products to achieve your goal

At Draycir we have a large breadth of solutions built to support your business needs, but which ones will help you save time keying in data? Excel Data Bridge, Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition, Spindle Requisition and Spindle Self Serve were created to help you achieve this.

Save time with Excel Data Bridge

Are your team spending time manually entering data from spreadsheets into Sage 200 Professional? With Excel Data Bridge you can enter data in Excel, browse data, validate data and push it into Sage, safe in the knowledge that it will follow your system’s rules.

Automate your invoice data

Are you spending time manually inputting invoice data? Instead you can save your business both time and money by automatically capturing invoice data with Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and also reduces the time spent entering data in Sage 200 Professional which can read line items.

Improve your purchasing process

Are you struggling to control your business expenditure? Or are you still printing your requisition documents? Spindle Requisition reduces the time and effort it typically takes for the requisition process. Helping you to control expenditure more effectively, reducing administration time and the need for paper, as well as reducing untracked purchases.

Give your customers control

Inputting data can take time away from focusing on more business centric activities. With Spindle Self Serve you can empower customers to raise their own orders, giving them complete control. These orders go directly into Sage, meaning partners don’t then need to input the data themselves.

Integrate with your most used ERP and accounting systems

What our clients say

We were spending a large amount of time manually rekeying data in spreadsheets and Sage. Anon reduced the manual elements of this process, whilst also reducing the potential for human error when rekeying


It’s invaluable! From receiving an invoice, we can post this directly into Sage, saving hours of time and improving our efficiencies

Kelly Park, Finance Manager, Tennyson Insurance

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