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Automate your document distribution

Time spent manually searching for, attaching and sending documents, is time you probably do not have to waste. Whether it takes 10 minutes or two hours, this is time you could have used to focus on more strategic business activities.

Get control of your documents

Document creation can be complex and take a large amount of time to build, store and share. If these documents are produced manually it increases the risks of losing them, as well as creating more errors in processing, sending, receiving or filing documents, resulting in a lack of compliance with electronic document storage legislation.

Improve process efficiency

Do you waste a lot of time searching for documents? Have you previously lost important documents? Or do you spend a lot of time printing and sending invoices in the post? You need to improve your productivity and automate your document management. We can help you:

  • Save time – Automate your processes
  • Remove delays – Faster document delivery via email
  • Swift implementation – Streamlined integration with other technologies
  • Pro-active credit control – Eliminate reactive debt chasing
  • Manual admin – Free up your time to focus on strategic business activities.

Get a quick return on investment

Implementing new solutions takes time, and it can take a while for your business to experience the benefits. You want to see the results quickly and clearly, to know you have made the right choice in the solution you have chosen. We can show you how to swiftly:

  • Remove complex set-up – Quick return on investment
  • Go paperless – Scan, barcode and import documents electronically
  • Get paid faster – Reduce exceeded payment terms.

Ensure compliance

Have you previously lost or misplaced physical documents? Or perhaps customers haven’t received invoices? You will then need to spend even more time printing and resending documents, or completely redoing them. We can help you save time and ensure you can access your documents at all times, anywhere:

  • Remove security risk – Electronic document compliance
  • Reduce human error – Automate collating, distributing and filing documents
  • HMRC compliant – With digital delivery and storage
  • Document storage – Remove the risk of missing or lost documents.

Our best products to achieve your goal

At Draycir we have a large breadth of solutions built to support your business needs, but which ones will help you automate your document distribution? Spindle Document Distribution, Spindle Document Management and Credit Hound were created to help you achieve this.

Document Distribution and Capture

We understand that to keep business running smoothly is a challenge. Spindle Document Management can help you achieve this through its suite of intelligent and flexible tools, offering complete control of your documents. It removes errors in processing, sending, receiving and filing documents, slow document delivery and file retrieval as well as time spent on manual admin and the risk of missing or lost documents.

Document Delivery and Automated Processes

Do you have problems managing and tracking documents? Spindle Document Distribution can help you improve your process efficiencies by connecting your document workflow processes to deliver your communications accurately, removing the risk of human error, whilst adhering to legal compliance requirements related to electronic documents.

Advanced Credit Control

Inconsistent cash flow and late payments affect your profit and use up your credit control functions valuable time. Credit Hound can streamline your process, automating many of those daily, repetitive, time-consuming tasks to reduce your workload. You can customise the rules to set up automated actions such as reminder letters, placing accounts on hold and adding follow-up action items such as calls and letters.

Automate Delivery Key Reports

Integrate with your most used ERP and accounting systems

What our clients say

10 minutes into the product demonstration we immediately saw the benefits and the cost saving, thus making it an easy decision to purchase the product.

Lenie Geldenhuys, Accountant, More Asphalt

Spindle Document Distribution has not only helped us save man-hours and costs but also enabled us to deliver the same set of sales reports to different teams hassle free.

Bianca Ko, Business Improvement & Controls Manager, Inflight Sales Group

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