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Get total control of your documents, access your account information 24/7 and increase your cash flow with our Sage 200 Professional integrations

Explore how Sage 200 Professional and Draycir can help you improve your cash flow, enable your customers to self-serve and control your document management processes.

Sage 200 Professional helps you manage your accounts and customers, as well as manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence and more. Enhance your Sage 200 Professional offering with Spindle Document Management, Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition, Credit Hound Professional, Credit Hound Cloud, Excel Data Bridge, PayThem, Spindle Self Serve,  Spindle Report Scheduler, Spindle Requisitions and Proof of Delivery. Enabling you to reduce the time you spend on manual document processes, empower your customers with access to their account information 24/7 and run your credit control processes more efficiently.

Distribution and capture of outgoing and incoming documents

Spindle Document Management provides your business with the chance to transition to a paperless environment by consolidating a range of solutions into a complete end-to-end document management tool. This not only results in time savings and compliance assurance but also reduces the burden of manual administrative duties.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Intelligent Document Distribution

Effortlessly dispatch documents, define contact details, and store documents automatically. You can further include extra recipients and choose stationary styles to craft customised templates to suit your needs.

Batch print distribution

Print and organise documents across various printers while generating multi-part copies. Additionally, you can enable automatic page reordering for printed materials.

Quick document viewing

View your documents instantly within ERP, including Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger and Cash Book.

Batch email distribution

Send an unlimited number of documents and email them to any relevant stakeholders. Our system supports various email platforms, allowing you to personalise your email addresses and store draft emails for convenience.

Capture any document

Capture, archive and retrieve all file types, including photos, spreadsheets and emails.

Advanced document search

Empower your employees to access and retrieve documents independently from your ERP system. This includes searching for documents by document number, transaction type, date, reference number, and nominal code.

Automatically capture invoice data with Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition

Manually entering invoice data uses up time and money, creating inefficiencies. You can reduce the time you spend keying in this data and with Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition you can automatically capture invoice data into Sage 200 Professional.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users


Capture or upload purchase invoices, whether or not accompanied by a Purchase Order.



Identifies invoice information, including line-item details, for any invoices associated with a Purchase Order.


Apply a comprehensive set of rules to compare and match against the Purchase Order and/or Goods Receipt Note (GRN).




Initiate the approval process for the invoice according to specified rules and criteria.


Invoice data is then posted into Sage 200 Professional.


Archive the invoice document against the created transaction in Sage 200 Professional.

Get Paid Faster with Credit Hound Professional

Delayed payments, manual administrative tasks, and surpassing payment terms can result in cash flow challenges and ineffective credit control. Your time is valuable, and it’s essential to optimise the productivity of your credit control function. Credit Hound Professional, compatible with Sage 200 Professional and various accounting platforms, offers a solution to streamline your existing process, allowing you to allocate more time to business critical activities.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Track payments

The user-friendly dashboard of Credit Hound Professional offers a quick and convenient dashboard of promised funds, disputed invoices, and overdue payments.

Automate your admin

Streamline your workflow by automating certain manual administrative tasks, including call logging, reminder sending, diary task setting, and email scheduling.

Increase your cash flow

Effectively oversee and control overdue payments, eliminate debt, and establish a steady cash flow.

Save time

Save up to 20 hours per week by prioritising your tasks and setting up scheduled chase reminders.

Set reminders

Set payment reminders so you know who to call and when.

Seamless integration

Guarantee access to precise, up-to-the-minute data and effortlessly integrate with your Sage 200 Accounting software.

Get Paid Faster with Credit Hound Cloud

Late payments, manual admin and exceeded payment terms lead to poor cash flow and inefficient credit control. Your time is precious, you need to ensure your credit control function is productive. Credit Hound Cloud provides a quick and easy setup, offering the flexibility of anytime access. Additionally, new features are incorporated as they are released. Credit Hound Cloud, which works with Sage 200 Professional and many more accounting platforms, can help you streamline your current process and free up your time to focus on more business critical activities.


Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Track payments

Credit Hound Cloud’s user friendly dashboard provides you with an instant overview of money promised, disputed invoices and money overdue.

Automate your admin

Automate some of your manual admin tasks, such as logging calls, sending reminders, setting diary tasks and scheduling emails.

Increase your cash flow

Monitor and manage delayed payments, remove debt and create consistent cash flow.

Save time

Save up to 20 hours a week through prioritising tasks and scheduling chase reminders.

Set reminders

Set payment reminders so you know who to call and when.

Seamless integration

Ensure you have access to accurate, real-time data and link easily with your Sage 200 Account software.

Save money on card processing

PayThem is a click to pay solution, which links to both Credit Hound and Spindle Document Distribution to enable an instant payment link to be added to invoices, statements and many more documents.


Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Quick and Easy Payment Collection

Users have the option to pay using a debit or credit card  with simple click of a button, via an easy to use payment portal, resulting in a quick and hassle-free payment process.

Increased Cash Flow

The quicker customers get paid, the better it is for their business. With our pay by link solution, they can increase their cash flow by receiving payments faster.

Increased Efficiency

Helps to automate the payment process, eliminating the need for manual work. This saves time and helps to work more efficiently.

Enhanced Security

We understand the importance of security when it comes to finances. Our secure pay by link solution means that your customer data is safe and secure.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By providing your customers with a convenient and fast way to pay, you can improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Input and modify data in Excel, and seamlessly transfer it to Sage.

Manually inputting data into Sage is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors due to incorrect entries and inconsistent formulas. To enhance your data transfer process between Microsoft Excel and Sage 200 Professional, consider implementing the Excel Data Bridge. This tool enables you to save time, receive instant validation feedback, explore data, and establish rules for maintaining consistency. By doing so, you can significantly minimise time wastage within your business operations and boost overall efficiency.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Instant validation

Instant validation is delivered immediately upon data loading, ensuring data accuracy.

Offline Access

You can work remotely offline, even without an internet connection, using the Excel Data Bridge. It allows you to access Sage 200 Professional’s details offline and, when you regain internet connectivity, seamlessly post your updates.

Focus on business

You can browse Sage data, including nominal codes, cost centres, and departments, directly within Excel.  You can also establish and adhere to rules for consistency, ultimately enhancing task efficiency for your team, allowing them to spend more time on strategic business activities.

Familiar tools

Minimise the requirement for additional training by using Microsoft Excel, a tool you are already comfortable with in your daily work.

Re keying data

Input your data into Excel and seamlessly transfer it directly to Sage, eliminating the need for data re entry.

Set rules

Easily access Sage data within Excel, such as nominal codes or cost centres, and establish rules to maintain consistency.

Provide access to account information 24/7 with Spindle Self Serve

Customer service teams can spend a lot of time managing requests which involve resending invoices, providing account information and chasing outstanding payments. Spindle Self Serve provides your customers with access to their account information 24/7, reducing the number of inbound enquiries, leaving your customer service teams free to focus on the more critical and urgent customer issues.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Access anywhere, anytime

Give your customers access to their account details anytime, anywhere. View previous and current orders, invoices and credit history.

Improve productivity

Reduce the time your team spends answering customer queries and enable your staff to view customer details without the need to access Sage 200 Professional.

Tailored promotions

Create dedicated sales promotions to targeted groups of customers. Change the message as required or only make it visible to certain users.

Increase customer satisfaction

Provide secure 24/7 secure online access for customers, enabling them to access account information outside of working hours with no time wasted waiting for responses.

Online ordering

Enable your customers to order online anytime, anywhere.

Stock view

Customers and staff can check stock levels and prices before placing an order (available as additional modules).

Move away from paper based delivery records, automate your delivery process

Managing your deliveries and keeping your customers informed about the status and expected delivery times of their orders is crucial for any delivery company. If you currently rely on paper-based methods to track your deliveries and operate your own fleet of vehicles, Spindle Proof of Delivery can streamline these processes for your convenience.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Efficiency of operations

Proof of Delivery simplifies delivery services for businesses with their own fleets or service staff who require signatures, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

Where are my deliveries

Real-time tracking for scheduled deliveries and alerts for unsuccessful deliveries help in effectively managing customer expectations.

My documents

Minimise the potential for lost or misplaced documents by storing everything digitally, allowing for quick and effortless retrieval of related documentation.

Job management

Document any problems and promptly notify your staff, enhancing your overall job management procedures

Accessible anywhere, any time

The Android app is accessible to drivers, allowing them to access their delivery details anytime and from anywhere

Live control of delivery fleet

Quickly respond to customer requests and improve customer service with live control of the delivery fleet

Automate your key reports with a delivery schedule using Spindle Report Scheduler

Does your business demand frequent financial reports, whether on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even hourly basis? Spindle Report Scheduler can provide valuable assistance. This tool automates the management of your critical reports, minimising the likelihood of errors and guaranteeing timely delivery of the accurate information to the appropriate recipients, ultimately saving time and allowing you to save time and ensure quick delivery of key business information.


Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Automatic Reporting

Use Sage Report Designer to construct and transmit reports sourced from multiple data outlets, guaranteeing the precise delivery of relevant information when needed.


Tailor reports to align with your unique business needs, allowing you to distribute reports to everyone in their preferred format.

Strategic business decisions

Effortlessly distribute reports to your leadership team, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time, precise data.

Automatic Delivery

Set up automated report scheduling via the report management control panel. Spindle Report Scheduler takes into account individual preferences, enabling you to dispatch reports to everyone in preferred formats that can be accessed from any location, with many reports optimised for mobile devices.

Trends and analysis

Retrieve historical data for trend analysis and pattern recognition directly from the Spindle Report Scheduler Spooler screen.

Streamline the workflow of requisitions

Working in Operational Procurement you may face challenges due to the absence of automation and partially digitised processes. Gaining visibility into incoming purchase spending. Spindle Requisitions mitigates these issues by streamlining the requisition process, reducing the time and effort traditionally required. It facilitates efficiency by sending email notifications and reminders to users and authorisers, optimising the requisition workflow.

Key Benefits for Sage 200 Professional users

Receipt items

Save time and cut administrative costs by promptly receipting items upon arrival. Access this functionality anywhere, anytime, leading to improved stock visibility and receipting efficiency.

Reduce fraudulent purchases

Gain more control of your expenditure by reducing fraudulent and inaccurate purchases

Approval routes

Create multiple approval route options, including value and budgets, and approve them within the email

Electronic requisition capture

Reduce errors and loss of requisitions by capturing requisition requests electronically

Accessible for everyone

Provide all users with access to directly validate requisitions against Sage and convert to a Sage Purchase Order, allowing both buying and receipting without having a Sage user licence

Don’t just take our word for it

We have been using Credit Hound for three months and already started seeing the benefits, each of our credit controllers save over 5 hours every week in prioritising tasks and scheduling chase reminders.

David Adams, Managing Director, 707 Resource Management

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