How streamlining the routine entry of data into Sage can help your business

Much like any other stream of data, many businesses believe that hard work is good work. But when it comes to data entry, working smart can pay off any day of the week, especially if you’re serious about saving time, costs and making the data entry process slicker than ever before. Enter Excel Data Bridge: transforming data entry from an arduous task to a relative walk in the park.

Sound good? If you want to know how Excel Data Bridge makes such a difference, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how one little addition to your workflow could help your business more than you might think.

What is Excel Data Bridge?
To understand how streamlining data entry can benefit your business, you’ll want to start by understanding how to make streamlining happen. With the need for data entry increasing 3% or more year-on-year, the need for more effective methods for data management is a must.

Excel Data Bridge provides the ideal solution, allowing users to directly enter data for Sage 200cloud into Excel with no additional steps required. As an effective streamlining tool, Excel Data Bridge provides a key way to remove unnecessary steps from data analysis and entry that could otherwise lead to one big roadblock. But how exactly does that benefit your business? We’ve covered a few of the most significant ways below.

How can streamlining data entry benefit my business?
Streamlining is a word beloved by many businesses. The simpler and easier a process is, the less chance for problem and error. Tools like Excel Data Bridge provide the efficiency that businesses are seeking, benefitting them in numerous ways. This includes:

Reducing time taken to enter data
Data entry takes time. The more data you need to enter and the less familiar you are with the software, the longer the process will be. With thousands or tens of thousands of points of data entry, those extra seconds quickly add up – leading to a far longer time spent getting the data where it needs to go.

This is particularly important for raw data that’s already accessed in Excel, which otherwise would require full, manual conversion to Sage by someone in a data entry role. For small businesses, where employees may wear several hats, it’s even more important not to get caught up in continual data entry. Allowing time for other job responsibilities and requirements outside of pages and pages of data in need of entry.

Allowing new hires to jump in head-first
By saving time and costs on training, you can ensure that data entry is consistent year-round. No delays or lags due to new hires, and no falling behind in transitional periods to the same degree. You may also find it easier to find hires with Excel experience than those that are adept to the same level in Sage, with many job sites recommending skilling up in Excel before going job hunting.

Providing access to reporting quickly
Waiting around for reporting is a problem many businesses face. With drawn-out, data entry, gaining access to valuable reporting tools and figures can take far longer than Excel data entry can provide. Raw data that can be pasted and cleaned up in Excel can even provide provisional reporting the same day, allowing for early visibility before you reach the final product following full clean-up and management.

Not only do you get access to the complete data faster, but you also get the benefits of two sets of reports to use as you wish. For businesses looking for clear reporting and charting, the combination of both Excel and Sage can be a powerful one to get your point across in the right way.

Preventing the chance of error
Errors in unfamiliar software are a common problem in data entry. While using Excel doesn’t mitigate certain disasters, it can help prevent the problems with using software you aren’t familiar with. But beyond human error, Excel’s universality means that it’s far easier for an outside source or manager to check over data for accuracy and problems than it would be for Sage users.

The ability to copy across data also helps remove the possibility of larger errors, allowing for the editing and conversion of information directly within a spreadsheet. While Sage supports certain functionalities, many forms of raw data can’t be input and amended later – meaning mistakes are harder to catch the second time around.

Try Excel Data Bridge today
If you want to improve business efficiency and streamline necessary data entry processes, Excel Data Bridge is an excellent way to do so. Providing flexibility and familiarity to data entry, saving time, and reducing the impact of slow data entry is an easy task. If you want to stop wasting time fixing errors and reporting, using an effective tool is the best way to make a difference.

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