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AM2PM Group Holdings Ltd is a recruitment agency for a wide range of industrial sectors specialising in retail, logistics and manufacturing whose customers include many famous brands. Since their establishment in January 2003, the company has shown outstanding growth year-on-year, now operating 10 branches across the UK and extending their offering to include outsourced managed services and training.

The challenge

Despite having expanded the business with 10 branches across the UK, the company was still reliant upon using their recruitment specific software, which had very limited functionality for credit control. Processes were therefore very manual and often employed ‘work-around’ solutions. These regularly caused duplication of work, were inefficient, prone to error or oversight and unnecessarily time consuming. After rigorous processes were put in place the credit control team needed to be highly organised, however they realised that to really improve their results a wholesale change would be needed.

The solution

To effect this wholesale change, AM2PM looked at various products on the market, however, the one that caught their eye and had good reviews was Credit Hound. Following a demo, they quickly bought into the product as something that could alleviate their frustrations. Once Credit Hound was in place, the implementation went exceptionally well. AM2PM found the whole experience to be extremely positive with informative and engaging training and support, which was extended well beyond the normal aftercare period.

The change

When asked to describe the changes experienced since installing Credit Hound, AM2PM’s Glenn Narain explained, “AM2PM has immediately benefitted from using Credit Hound’s excellent “chase process”. For example, where a call is made which then requires a follow up letter and an internal memo, this would previously have meant:
1. Logging the call.
2. Manually creating the letter.
3. Emailing someone internally.
4. Setting a diary task in Outlook.

Credit Hound now automatically performs these 4 tasks in 1 simple step. By improving our Credit Control processes, it has helped to make our business more efficient and increased our productivity. Credit Hound has saved 20 hours per week preventing the need for an extra head. Besides the excellent “chase process” another standout feature is the easy to use dashboard which gives instant access to key graphical data such as promised cash. Credit Hound’s significant impact upon the business has also extended to the staff who are much happier using a better system with more functionality. The investment we made has improved department efficiency and given greater staff focus. Because of our extremely positive experience, we would absolutely recommend Credit Hound to any other business.


Document Management

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Document Distribution

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Credit Hound

Improve your cash flow, reduce debts, prevent late payments and make your profit a priority with advanced credit control.

What our clients say

Credit Hound automatically performs 4 of our normal tasks in 1 simple step. By making our business more efficient Credit Hound has saved 20 hours per week preventing the need for an extra head.

Glenn Naraine, AM2PM