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Metcalfe was established in 1928 by the great grandfather of the current Managing Director Neil Richards, and is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of commercial food preparation equipment in the UK. As a manufacturer of specialist equipment for the food preparation needs of the foodservice, food processing, supermarket, catering and licensed industries, Metcalfe is also the UK distributor for several other world renowned manufacturers.

The challenge

Over 250 statements each month were produced manually by printing documents from Sage Line 50, folding these into envelopes and posting them out to customers. This process was costly and involved valuable staff time that could be better used elsewhere. When a new member of staff joined Metcalfe with experience of using Spindle Document Distribution in the charity sector, it seemed an ideal time to make a change.

The solution

After having Spindle Document Distribution installed, monthly statements are now generated and emailed to customers, so postage costs have reduced dramatically. With Spindle Document Distribution monthly statements are generated and emailed to customers, so postage costs have reduced dramatically. Documents are then archived automatically, improving document filing and streamlining business processes. The greatest benefitto the organisation is time saved. Members of staff are no longer wasting time on what Metcalfe viewed as menial posting tasks – folding statements, sending out copy invoices, issuing remittance advices and reports, putting these into envelopes and posting them. Time saved can be better spent working on credit control and other specific and more productive activities. Metcalfe is now setting up Spindle Document Distribution to generate invoices in the same way as statements, which will save the business more time and money in the future.

The results

Solution paid for itself within 3 months of being installed.

Hundreds of pounds saved in postage and stationery costs.

Thousands of pounds in man-hours saved.

Saved time and improved efficiency.


Document Distribution

Distribute and archive your documents automatically with Spindle Document Distribution.

Credit Hound

Improve your cash flow, reduce debts, prevent late payments and make your profit a priority with advanced credit control.

What our clients say

Spindle Document Distribution has been a marvellous investment for this company, with the system paying for itself in just three months which is pretty good going. I would firmlyrecommend this system to any company whether small or large that is seeking to make savings on menial posting tasks.

Janet Knight, Metcalfe Catering