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More Asphalt is a leading supplier of premix asphalt in the Western Cape to the road construction industry. Established in 1994, at the birth of South Africa’s new democracy, great effort has been made to reflect the values of the new South Africa. More Asphalt has embraced empowerment at every level of the business, with the majority of the share holding being owned by historically disadvantaged individuals.

The challenge

The accounts department at More Asphalt manually distributed outgoing documents, such as invoices and statements, using the postal service and electronically via email. This manual process was taking a huge amount of time as individual documents had to be printed to PDF and then attached to the outgoing electronic email. More Asphalt was keen to find a way to improve document workflow processes and communicate more effectively with their customers.

The solution

Spindle Document Distribution was recommended to More Asphalt by their Sage software provider, BLU dot IT Systems, as a solution to streamline their document management processes. Despite reluctance to purchase more software so soon after the implementation of Sage 300 ERP and CRM, the benefits and cost savings offered by Spindle Document Distribution proved to be an added value to their system. All customer invoices are now automatically bulk distributed by Spindle Document Distribution, sent either electronically via email or to print for posting, depending on the client’s preference. In addition, customer statements are now automatically delivered with the outstanding invoices attached. Documents are then automatically archived in their CRM allowing them to be easily retrievable at a later date. Not only has More Asphalt saved a huge amount of time in man-hours, The results Spindle Document Distribution has enabled them to provide a better service to their customers, in an already competitive environment, by responding quickly to customer queries.

More Asphalt has found Spindle Document Distribution easy to use and reliable which has encouraged them to utilise Spindle Document Distribution in other areas of the business to help them keep ahead of the competition. All Purchase Orders are now sent electronically to suppliers by applying the predefined delivery rules and then archived for easy retrieval. They are now looking to streamline sales and general communication to clients, and wherever they can use Spindle Document Distribution to customise their email templates. Their next project is to streamline their quotation system by delivering quotes automatically via email with the relevant documentation attached and then to also archive all quotations to CRM for online retrieval.

The results

At least 8 man-hours saved a week

Less frustration in accessing documents

Quicker response to customer queries with invoices and statements archived in CRM

Future plans to use Spindle Professional to send and archive sales quotations in CRM


Document Distribution

Distribute and archive your documents automatically with Spindle Document Distribution.

Credit Hound

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What our clients say

At the onset, we did not want to invest in another software product, but 10 minutes into the Spindle Document Distribution product demonstration we immediately saw the benefits and the cost saving, thus making it an easy decision to purchase the product.

Lenie Geldenhuys, More Asphalt