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SNF (UK) Limited (Sage 200)

SNF (UK) Ltd is part of the world’s largest manufacturer  of water-soluble polymers for use in municipal waste,  industrial waste, wastewater treatment, mining and oil field  applications. A wide range of solutions are provided for a  variety of industrial processes where water treatment  is required.

The challenge

Based in West Yorkshire, SNF (UK) Ltd had a typical process for dealing with incoming documents such as purchase orders, purchase invoices and goods received notes. Relevant documents were stapled together before awaiting authorisation for payment and finally filed away for future reference, meaning staff needed to look in various locations to find paperwork, depending on its stage in the purchase ledger process. With over 300 documents coming in every month, their document storage and archiving requirements were getting bigger and becoming unmanageable. SNF (UK) were keen to find an IT solution that would help them to improve document management and work more efficiently. SNF (UK) approached their IT partner, Viking Management Systems, to recommend an electronic document management solution to help them improve the management of filing and retrieving incoming accounts  documentation. SNF (UK) already benefited from Spindle Document Distribution for the automated document distribution of their invoices and statements from Sage 200 and had been impressed by the quality and functionality of the software. When Viking recommended Spindle Document Capture, they were more than confident that it would deliver what they needed.

The solution

Spindle Document Capture has helped the business to achieve its goals in saving time to retrieve documents and improved the
efficiency of the accounts department. Documents are scanned into the system as and when they come in, turning all incoming paperwork into electronic documents to reduce the amount of paperwork handling. Staff can then instantly view any document directly from Sage 200, without the need to leave their desk and spend time physically sifting through filing cabinets to find what they need. For accounts processes, such as nominal code analysis where every invoice transaction needs to be checked and accounted for, Spindle Document Capture has significantly helped to save time searching for relevant documents. For a task that would previously take approximately four hours searching in up to 7 different locations to find documents, it now takes just half an hour to produce nominal code reports. Spindle Document Capture has also reduced the risk of lost documents, which has helped the accounts department to work more efficiently and prevented the need to request copies from suppliers.

The results

Electronically archive up to 300 purchase invoices and related documents every month.

Less paperwork to handle as all incoming documents are converted to electronic files on arrival.

Reduced time spent to produce nominal code reports from 4 hours to 1/2 hour a month.

Helped build supplier relationships by eliminating the risk of lost documents.

Quickly found the software easy and simple to use with its integration into Sage 200.


Document Distribution

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Credit Hound

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What our clients say

Spindle Document Capture does exactly what it promises to do. It’s simple and easy to use and has helped us save a significant amount of time searching for documents. It’s useful for nominal ledger as I can instantly find relevant documents.

Katie Bates, SNF (UK) Limited