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VW Heritage is the UK’s largest air-cooled VW specialist, supplying quality Volkswagen restoration and replacement parts for Beetles, Buses and Ghias, as well as stocking parts for the water-cooled models.

In addition to the restoration division, VW Heritage also have a dedicated performance and styling arm. VW Heritage is supported by a consultancy firm, HILLINGAR to provide their supply chain support needs.

The challenge

VW Heritage used a traditional paper filing system to organise their delivery notes, invoices and other documents. Like in any typical office, the paperwork was often kept in piles, on different desks, awaiting filing. The amount of time spent trying to find relevant documents in different locations could have been spent more wisely and it became apparent that VW Heritage needed a solution to improve their overall efficiency. After looking at a number of options, trying to find the ideal solution proved to be a challenge itself, as the available software was either cost prohibitive or didn’t integrate into Sage 200.

The solution

Spindle Document Capture provided the ideal solution to help VW Heritage improve workflow and reduce the amount of time and stress in looking for documents. Spindle Document Capture was set up within a few hours. It integrates directly into the relevant Sage screens to enable its users to find documents with a click of a button. The software is clear and simple to use, all its interfaces and functionality are clean and user friendly. Documents are now scanned daily and automatically archived by Spindle Document Capture, which means that any authorised person can immediately view them when and where they need it. HILLINGAR consultant for VW Heritage, Rob Little explains how searching for documents has instantly improved processes: “Spindle Document Capture has made it so easy now to find the documents you need. People don’t need to try to remember or second guess information, they can look it up within Sage 200! This further reduces stress and errors.” Spindle Document Capture has helped VW Heritage turn from being an organisation that simply copes with dealing with paperwork to truly utilising its documents for their information value, regardless of whether the document arrived on that day or two years ago. The benefits of the new document capture solution has proven to be invaluable to VW Heritage. Not only the time previously spent trying find documents has been dramatically reduced, it also meant that less members of staff have to be involved in the document retrieval process. Documents previously misplaced or wrongly filed out can now be easily found, which gave VW Heritage invaluable security and peace of mind. VW Heritage can now continue to grow their business and have better practices and workflows in place.

Documents are easy to find and are available to view immediately.

Instant access to electronic files from other office locations.

Significant time savings.

Process efficiency improvements.


Document Management

Get control of your documents and reduce your workload with Spindle Document Management.

Credit Hound

Improve your cash flow, reduce debts, prevent late payments and make your profit a priority with advanced credit control.

Document Distribution

Distribute and archive your documents automatically with Spindle Document Distribution.

What our clients say

The purpose of introducing a document capture, archiving and instant viewing solution was to improve workflow and reduce time and stress. Spindle Document Capture covers this perfectly.

Rob Little, VW Heritage